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Hope to pick up our new Focus on Thursday, from Brunel ford Weston Super Mare
Excellent, I think a lot of people here are waiting for a decent review and pics. What model/engine have you got?
Focus Titanium 1.6 petrol with city pack, in white seen it arrive today when i went in to finish the paperwork.
Will post pics over the weekend
So is this the one with the assisted parking and traffic signal recognition system? Also will it have the sensors that alert the car to break automatically when behind another car if it looks like you are going to collide?
No city pack is rear sensors and fold in mirrors. You need convenience pack to give you park assist. And you need driver assist pack 2 for all the other stuff
[quote name='Marky04' timestamp='1303239084' post='123567']
Focus Titanium 1.6 petrol with city pack, in white seen it arrive today when i went in to finish the paperwork.
Will post pics over the weekend
Is that the new ecoboost engine?
No it's not the Ecoboost,£1000 more for the ecoboost and did not seem worth it.
We drove both and apart from it being a little bit quicker could not justify the extra money
Can't wait for your pics/review.

The new white titanium focus' look awesome!

The fiesta in your profile pic looks good as well - is that car new too or just shiny? ;)
Come on then, pictures please. We're all waiting here. :( B) ;)
I had a look at a new Focus for the first time yesterday, the interior quality is superb. If I needed a larger car I'd definitely buy a Focus, they're beautiful looking.
Sorry been busy driving it, the car is fantastic. Windows being done Monday
Thats great. So what's it drive like? Have you had many looks? I love the look of the front of the car. Makes it look beefy.
Its a fantastic drive, the driving position is perfect all the controls are within easy reach and accepted my iphone with no problem.
Currently doing 37 miles to the gallon, and very happy.
Not so sure I am fond of the handbrake position, they seem to have moved it from the last position with each release of the Focus! lol.

Overall though, it looks a nice car, if only I hadnt lost the faith in the blue oval!
The hand brake is very close, but did not take long to get use to it, the car is really well thought out with all the controls in the right place and it drives like a dream
Back windows being tinted today
I have to say the front of the car looks great, especially in white. However IMO the range of alloy wheels with the new car are terrible, except maybe the optional 18" 5 spoke on the Titanium (X). Also the rear of the car looks pretty poor.

I loved the 18" optional alloys from the MK2.5, see pic. Only my personal opinion anyway.
Yes, the rear of the car is a love it hate it thing, but I think the whole car is a nice fresh design and so far I canít fault it as for wheels 18Ē would have been to big I like a bit of comfort.
marky04 lovely car
ordered mine 2 weeks ago. titanium 2.0 diesel powershift app and conv packs, could not decide on the colour, i wanted candy red but the dealer said the plant that produces the colour in japan is next to the nuclear plant, so it is out of operation. i don't know if it is just me but the other colours available for the focus are not very appealing so i have chosen white and seeing your photo's i am glad i did
thanks for posting them
You should try find the Luna sky colour. The book does not do it justice or online. In the flesh its gotta be one of the best colours.
Hi focus3man,
I ordered my candy red titaniun x powershift with app pack and driver assist one a week ago, nothing mentioned about shortage of paint! did you get a delivery estimate for yours
There was advice from Ford regarding candy red and hot Magenta. What the dealership said was true there is a shortage of this colour. Ford said these colours may start to take longer to order because of the factory. Also the cost of the paint for ie bodyshops etc will be more too.
Hi, my dealer said the same, however I've got a build date of 20/8. That might slip though...
hi bmwtouring
approx end of september, so is about 12 - 14 weeks

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