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Full Version: Ford Focus 2000 1.6 16V 'whining Noise'
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Evening all,

I have recently had a noise on my car develop, didnt really used to notice it, but now its quite loud and really noticeable.

It sounds like a whine or as if the air filter is not attached.

The problem is when i go over about 35mph and go above 2000 revs in any gear, the noise starts. It sounds like the engine is racing kind of thing.

I have bought an idle air control valve and will fit this tomorrow (cleaned the current one but it hasnt made any difference to the noise). Also bought a new air filter to fit tomorrow.

Has anyone else had this problem and know what the cause could be as the noise really irratates me and the car deffo has not always done it.

Would the belt cause this noise, surely not?

Any help would be appreciated

Hi all,

Below is a link to the video of my car on youtube makeing the noise:

You can hear me accelerate away at the beginning, but soon the 'whining noise' kicks in and can be heard, for about 5 second i also take my foot off the accelerator and the 'whing noise' can still be heard.

There are no problems with the car ie loss of power etc, I have changed the idle control valve, back box and tail pipe and put a new air filter on. But this noise still remains ...

Any help would be much appreciated


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