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Full Version: Ford 3 Yr Warranty
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Have a creeking noise from my ford Mondeo 2006. Had it checked by a ford specialist who diagnosed the problem as the water pump seal needs lubrication. Thus the reason for the noise. I did think it was to do with the pulleys (a known issue with Mondeo's) but it wasn't!

Anyway my query is, would the water pump be covered for replacement under the ford 3 yr new car warranty. I thought it would as the pump could be deemed to be faulty due to the seal - but on the otherhand it could be said the pump works - which it does and just needs some maintenance, and hence not a warranty issue. But i was told by the Ford specialist that all i need to do is run some solution through the cooling system (such as Bar's Leak) which will lubricate the seal - but he said the pump would need to be monitored just in case at the next service.

My only worry is this could be a sign the pump might eventually go, and if Ford can replace it under warranty for free it will keep me happy for at least 3 yrs or so rather than having to fork out for a new pump after the warranty expires. A car of this age should not have problems like this and the noise is very irritating!

Ford also say they will need to check the car "themselves", and if its not under warranty they will charge 100 inc VAT per hour for labour, and so im unsure whether to take the risk - i could fork out 100 for them doing nothing - and any work they do maybe outside of warranty if not covered according to them, i could may quite a bit.

Any views, or expereinces of this in regards to the Ford Warranty and water pumps?
engine and drivetrain should be covered under 3yr warrenty
Does this include any issues with the water pump?
i would say yes
But i assume if ford say there is nothing wrong with the pump and the seal needs lubricating via a solution or a new coolant, then they would charge be labour for doing that, rather than replacing the whole part under warranty?
i would stick to my guns and insist on a new pump, will the solution be a permanant fix? what happens when the noise comes back and its out of warrenty.
[quote name='mintalkin' date='18 November 2008 - 06:26 PM' timestamp='1227032193' post='7476']
i would stick to my guns and insist on a new pump, will the solution be a permanant fix? what happens when the noise comes back and its out of warrenty.
th such a necar its unlikely the pump will fail ide ask them why the seals have dried out and tell them that you want it fixed if it does happen again then you can argue for a new pump but in this instance its unlikely they would replace it

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