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Full Version: Is This A Good Deal?
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I have been emailing around this afternoon getting quotes to get the timing belt done. heres one line from Jennings Ford:

"The cost of replacing it including the associated items (belt, inc kit) would be 199.70 plus VAT = 239.64"

is this a good deal, fellas at work say "dealer? you sure?" followed by "jump it mate"

whats your thoughts guys?
That's a good price I think, I got a close friend mechanic to do my dads escort and that cost 200
I've only ever had the timing belt done on one car, that was on a Mondeo back in 2003 or maybe 04 I think, an independent and if I remember right it was 250.

If Jennings will do it for that price I would definitely accept their offer. Artscot reckons they [Ford] give them a long guarantee to boot.
yeah thats what making me go to dealer, in the past i got a timing belt done but the garage did it wrong and cause loads of grief...the genuine parts and labour (of someone who knows the engine) and if the parts fail due to being faulty or workmanship it will all be covered. peice of mind comes into aswell, so i know its been done, if that makes sense.
Definitely looks a good deal, when I was up there, my parents used to use Jennings in Hartlepool, as a Dealer they were excellent. They used to do all the servicing on the cars, sued to look after his 1993 Proton, 95 Mondeo, my 95 Citroen AX and my mothers 00 Citroen Saxo. They were great and always a fair price - wish I could say the same about some of the dealers round here...
just an update. emailed them back to book it in before the 12th...people say its a little early, but from reading horror stories and having peice of mind, especially from not knowing the cars history i'd say its well worth it. ill post up the booking and results for your reference
right got my car timing belt sorted on the 10th...and well the results are pretty good. the car now sounds a little smoother and people say they cannot hear that ticking noise!

now i have piece of mind, knowing its been done and warranty for the timing belt now exists.
Sorted, and at a bargain price
i was dreading it asking a dealer for the price of a timing belt kit renewal...last time i asked, it was a peugeot dealer, they wanted 400 for the priveledge. 240 can hardly complain, especially to that compared to a new engine if it goes.
Wish mine was that cheap. My RS is a timing chain, over 400 for the bits apparently
This is what i paid for Timing belt & water pump plus fitting at Hendy Ford in Romsey

1 timing belt, tensioner & pully 134.63
1 Water Pump kit 117.08

Total labour for both those parts was 101

Total 352.71 which isnt bad.....then theres the old VAT

So total including VAT is 422.71
vinny - i didnt know you need to replace a chain, thought it was just adjusting that needed doing every now and again. i knew it was defo for a belt to be replaced. everyday's a school day. loving the RS's like, was loads at a malton meet a few weeks back, fell in love with them straight away :lol:

apj - can never love that VAT enough can ya :lol: then again i suppose its the same though, happy its done and knowing your safe(ish) as its dealer fitted etc. tbh i would be happy paying 400 than a few thousand maybe for a new engine or car!

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