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Full Version: Have I Buggered My Fuel Pump ?
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so i changed my fuel filter before reading that i should prime the new one by soaking it in fuel.

after trying doing some research on why it wouldnt start i removed the filter and filled it with diesel and replaced it.

now after 2 mins plus of cranking (of course in few second blasts with time in between my battery has gone flat before the car would start)

if there was air in the line would lots of cranking have cleared it ? how can i tell if the top fuel pump is buggered ?

its a 2.0 TDDI

Thanks !

will get a mechanic round tomorrow but they are really are tits on a bull here in brunei (well with these fords anyway coz they are not familiar with them)
fixed ! - the lines were dry - all the mechanic did was spray aerostart in the air intake by the fuel pump and she started grumpy then was running fine.

i know aerostart shouldnt be sprayed into diesels but he assured me a little would not damage it. HINT if you do this just use the smallest amount possible as to not bend conrods. BETTER HINT - prime new filter and lines with diesel, dont worry too much about a bit of air this will get sucked out.
What about if it will start when towed but not other wise? The filter has not been changed, if i suck the pipe going into the pump i get a mouth full of diesel. Only other thing other than the pump that i can think of is the fuel pressure sensor.
Its a Focus TDDI.

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