Hi everyone im new here after just replacing my st220 2 weeks ago with a 2006 focus 2.0 tdci to try and save some money but i wish i didnt bother now!!

i seem to have a problem with vibrations on the engine firstly when pulling away normally its fine really smooth but if you accerate quickly off lights it starts to vibrate
i dont lose any power if i take my foot off the power and put it on again it stops it doesnt vibrate through the clutch so i kinda ruled out the clutch and dmf but i may be wrong
the second vibration and noise is when i accerate upto 50 plus in 5th or 6th gear as soon as it hits that speed under acceleration you can hear a loud vibration / noise from the left
of the car i saw under the air box deep scoring where it has been hitting the gearbox so i modified that it helped a little but still there if anyone could help at all would be great
i only had it 2 weeks and miss my st220 so much it was so smooth compared to how this is running at the moment thanks