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Full Version: 1.8 Tdci Hissing Noise
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My 1.8 focus tdci has developed a hissing noise when I accellerate (it sounds as if it's coming from the air vents but it only happens when the car is moving).
The performance and fuel consumption seems fine and the noise is fairly low but has a definite sound of hissing air.
Can anyone help?
Leaking hose from the turbocharger to the charge air cooler (Or from the charge air cooler to the air intake), or a leaking charge air cooler.
Thanks. I checked and found a hose with a split on it. It's approx 60mm dia elbow as shown in the pic.
Does anyone know what the hose is called so I can source areplacement?
i've got a 3.5 liter ecoboost / turbo-gas engine -

the parts website lists that part for my vehicle as "Engine Air Duct" - but that's the same thing it calls every other hose going to the CAC.

Your best hope is looking for a part number on it and ordering it using a cross reference guide
haha, sorry just slightly off topic, I love the way that only Ford can put an EcoBoost label on a 3.5ltr engine :lol:

To be fair they look good engines!

Back to the point, the picture is a little blurry so it makes it difficult to see which hose is affected. As P38 said, best bet is to source the part number. Or depending on your local dealer, you may be able to just pop down there and get one of the mechanics to take a quick look and tell you what it is. I have done this a few times, only cost me a fiver and he took all the locking wheel nuts off the car (The locking key I had was smashed to pieces, so it was either a fiver to get the bloke to do it, or fork otu 50 quid and wait 6-10 weeks for the locking wheel nut kit to arrive). Sorry slipped off the point, but the point Im trying to make, is dont discount the opportunity of paying for a pint for the mechanic just to take a quick look and tell you exactly what it is - Much cheaper than Fords Diagnostics PC!
Thanks for the help. I phoned Ford parts dept. and the guy identified the hase but it came as part of a larger assy which I don't need. I have measured the hose and it seems to be a standard 48mm ID 90 deg elbow,easily avaiable from the net so i will send for a good quality silicone one at around 15 and i'll feedback how i get on.
PS I have done a temp repair with some heavy duty tape secured with a couple of cable ties and it's holding out well.
yes there is absolutely nothing "eco" about the ecoboost engine lol its lifetime fuel economy average is 15.4 MPG - I'm not sure what that works out to in imperial gallons but it can't be that much better.

To be fair to Ford - the 3.5 liter turbo engine is the smallest displacement available in their F-150 pickup trucks, the next one up (and the base engine) is a N/A 3.7 liter V-6, then a 5.0 liter V-8, and finally a 6.2 liter V-8

And any hose should work if tape is fixing your problem lol
Fitted a new 48mm silicone elbow. Took about 20 mins, quite easy...job done.

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