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Full Version: Newbie With Lots Of Problems
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][/font]Hi all,
please help, as my 2005 2.0 diesel zetec has developed a few 'issues'

It has developed a 'surge'

It feels like someone is squeezing the fuel pipes, partially starving the fuel supply, then letting go, as the car seems to back off then accelerrate on its own, even on cruise control
also, it smokes (black ish) like a bugger constantly, but emits a larger/thicker puff with the surging, and when accelerrating,
also, i can hear a sort of wind rush when accelerrating, (turbo?)and ive lost about 6 or 7 mpg

are all these related?
she's done 135k, but just had a major service about 4k miles ago (not a ford dealer if it makes a difference)

This is just one of many problems that are now developing, will post about others later :(

Thanks for your help guys

fishpond 47
CHECK THEY CHANGED the fuel filter AND air filter when they done the service, if they didnt then I'd start there.
I would strongly suggest that you've got a split boost hose. The black smoke, lack of performance and in particular the 'whooshing sound' are all tell tales. It's more likely than not going to be the EGR to intercooler pipe which goes down the front left of the engine.

They go for a pastime, and are about 45 from Ford.
Took the car to hi q today, get on really well with them, and they help me out a lot, so wont rip me off....

They've had a look and reckon its the diesel pump itself, or the electonic module on it, and recommend i go to a diesel specialist, as its too much for them

They also mentioned about 900 quid all in to be repaired !!!! ? which cant be far off the cars value !

does this sound about right ? any info would be great, please help as i really cant afford that sort of money :(
as above, check the intercooler to egr hose as these are quite a common failure and will give symptoms like yours..

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