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Full Version: Sony Stereo In New For Focus No Power
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Hello all people! I recently bought a ford focus, 3 days ago the stereo just lost power an will not come back on.

Background info- I've checked the fuse

My iPhone is always concocted to it and at the time it went off I tried to connect a friends blackberry, do know if this relates to the problem but it's the only thing that I done different.

Thank you all
Is it an aftermarket stereo? And if it is, do you have controls on the steering wheel that controls the radio?

If you answer yes to both of these questions then you probably have a faulty canbus module that is fitted from the radio to the steering wheel controls.

I oan a mk7 Fez and have an aftermarket unit that decided to stop working after a few months, it turned out the aftermarket canbus module that was fitted was faulty - something to do with the power from the ignition wasn't enough, anyway to rectify the problem the installer fitted a new canbus module BUT he also fitted a relay - problem solved.
Thank you for your reply, I don think that whatever the problem is it's going to be fixed by me is it, think it's going to have to go back to ford :-( oh well
check to see if the cables have come loose from the back of the radio. then get a multimeter and check to see if 12v is going down the red and yellow cables. if there isnt, its a wiring issue. if there headunit...also check the fuse on the back of headunit.
They said they have to order a new unit.... 2 to 3 weeks... So no music in the car till then can't say I'm very happy about it but nothing I can do really is there
Oh joy, whilst driving home this evening my radio suddenly went dead - no power to central screen, radio, bluetooth, voice, etc, etc. Fuse is OK, sounds like I've got the same problem as you.

Only had the car a week, hope it's not going to be like this for the next 3 years......
Finaly!!! the new stereo arrived and it went into the workshop today..

just recived a phonecall from ford to tell me that the new stereo wont come on either!! there is something causing the stereo to shut down... which means still no fuckin music in the car!!
Did you ever get closure on this radio issue? Mine has done exactly the same. Awaiting for it to go into my local Ford dealer

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