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Full Version: Vibration - Update
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Hi all,

I couldn't find my old post about this, but wanted to leave an update incase it has use to someone else....

I posted on here a while ago about a vibration when driving at about 80mph. The vibration was causing noticable movement in the steering wheel and really was driving me mad.

The ford garage in Wrexham took at look and checked all the bushings, rebalanced the front wheels and came back with nothing else. Vibration persisted, not fixed.

I jacked the car up and rotated the front offside wheel, when i did this I didn't get a consistent noise, there was instead a periodical noise like something rubbed at a certain point. This made me change the brake pads and discs, but the vibration and rubbing nosie still persisted. I also by now had tried the rear wheels on the front to see if the alloy was perhaps damaged, but this didn't work either. pc

Finally, I have taken it to another garage in Wrexham for its MOT, and asked them to take a look. They have come back to me stating that there is play in the inner drive shaft joint, and the bearing sounded a bit noisy. So I have given them the go ahead to repair.

Just waiting to see now if this helps at all! If not I really am at a loss as to what is causing it.
i myself had an issue from around 60mph onwards there was massive vibration on the steering wheel. enough vibration to see it affecting the sun visors. anyways i bought new tires and got the car balanced out. the techy came back and said the wheel balance and alignment was well more vibration.

i hope you get this sorted
Same problem.

3 new tyres and tracking done, Problem solved.
Well the problem isn't fixed... it is a lot better though and so I think that the wear on the drive shaft joint was in fact a symptom of something else.

I have now had tracking checked, all wheels balanced, new tyres all round, new pads and discs, all bushings checked.... am I missing anything!?!?

I think that when I had a spin in some diesel a while ago (and was sent sideways into a curb), I damaged something, perhaps the hub?? What else could it be?
could have buckled your wheel slightly. id also have the hubs and bearing checked.
Did you check suspension after your spin? I have heard that suspension can in fact cause the same symptoms you can see...?

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