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Hi Everyone,

just wondering if anyone has had their 1.6 tdci remapped? if you did were you happy with the results and where did you have it done?

i've been looking into recently and been told i would expect bhp increase between 137 - 145, from 109 and nm increase between 290 - 310 from 250


Think i read on another motor website that to have this done on our particular vehicles could disrupt the DPF and and cause early wear which means big bucks on replacement. Also the emissions would be affected massively i would have thought which would lead to an instant MOT failure.
hi not to sound like an addvert but celtic tuning to a device called emotion were you can down load a map from them and in stall it in to you car i did it with my 1.6 tdci went fron 109 bhp to 148 found a rolling road to teat it to they put a soft ware gauranty of 1 year on it and if you want to remove your dpf they can add the soft ware to do so for no extra cost but you would have to remove the dpf fillter your self havent done this bit yet as i didnt know at the time so going to cost me 120 pounds for the soft ware and have to find a down pipe.
if you are interested just google celtic tuning and dont worry about the emishions it wont change that much if any as a dpf mainly catched the soot paritcels hense no black smoke
thanks for the replies guys! dont want to sound too like a numpty here but whats the dpf?

I have a tuning box on my 1.6 TDCI and it transforms the vehicle, I mean it was fairly smooth and powerful to begin with but with the box on it pulls very easily from 1000rpm which has so far done wonders for the fuel economy.

The increase in power is amazing, right upto 4000rpm it will pull very strong but its the in gear acceleration that has improved the most, 50 to 70 in 4th gear timed roughly at 4.7 seconds.

The only fly in the ointment with a tuning box on this engine is its an absolute ball ache to fit as PSA in their wisdom decided to hide the common rail plug under the fuel filter in between the rear of the engine and the bulkhead.

Of course tuning boxes are cheaper than remaps and in my case hasn't needed any modification to the DPF, but there will always be those owners who swear remaps are safer than boxes because all they do is falsify fuel data to the ecu bla bla.

Im currently looking at employing a remap to go with my tuning box :P so how many more 320d's I can embarrass!

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