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Full Version: 2001 Ford Galaxy 2.8 V6 Multiple Misfire
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HI all, any one else experienced the following, rough runnig misfire, then she warms up, tends to even out smooth.

Codes pulled:
P0300 randon multiple misfire
P0306 / 0301 / 0302 / 0304 / 0305 / 0303 - cylinder misfires
P0011 camshaft postition 'A' ....

P1116 manufacturer specific autodata description-engine coolant sensor
P1103 manufacturer specific autodata description-mass air flow sensor

Any views or help appreaited.

Cheers andy
Erm, slight mistake, my friend who turned up yesterday for the running problem, it not a V6, i counted all 6 coil packs in a line so that makes it a [size="5"][color="#FF0000"]STRAIGHT[/color] 6[/size] an me a numpty :D :D

So any one got any idea's, still need to read the live data.

Cheers for all your thoughts in advance

OK, [size="4"]im a NUMPTY NOW, YES ITS A V6 [/size][color="#FF0000"][/color](vr6), sorry to confuse anybody, its a narrow v6 not what im used to, hence why i called it a straight :lol:
Update people, cleared the codes, and started her up and within 30 seconds 1st code :
Description on my SO diag machine:
[color="#FF0000"]17748 camshaft/crank angle sensor wrong combination of ecu's P1340[/color]

(leave to run a while longer then the other codes appear, but if the cam an crank system is faulty then of course im gona get misfires are i ).

When you start it up, runs rough missing like a tractor,3 mile run, 10min drive etc an she smooth again,so even if she is a warm engine, as soon as you turn the ignition off, then 2 mins later start her again, same problem 3 mile run, 10 min drive etc an she smooth again.
Each time you turn her off, shes a lumpy tractor, my friends terminolg.
Any views or comments ?
Thats got me stumped, as Ive never heard those symptoms before. From your codes, I suppose the starting point would be to replace the Crankshaft Sensor.

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