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Full Version: Turbo Trouble(I Think)
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how does this work then
Hi Gang
friday afternoon the mrs says i think you should take the car out for a run its smoking(here we go i thought). so i started the engine on the drive ,bit lumpy,first thought injectors(just had all replaced at huge expence) .oil was a bit low ,topped up an waited half hour and tried again,bad move!!the engine went to max revs,exuast fumes like you have never seen ,the whole garden disapeard(still got weeds,bugger)tried to stop engine with key but realised that i was standing outside car with keys in my hand!!(panic).had to stall engine with clutch,
any ideas before the robbers at the garage get hold of it!!!
I can actually answer this one -
The smoke was coming from a failed seal in your turbocharger allowing oil into the exhaust, which made the smoke
When you started it later, the rest of the seal failed, allowing oil into the intake. Once the oil started getting into the intake, the engine began burning it as fuel. Since the engine is compression fired, and fuel (oil) is now being delivered via the air intake, it will continue to accelerate until there is either a mechanical failure ("Watch out for falling pistons") or the engine is stalled or starved for air.

You are probably looking at a new turbocharger and possibly charge air cooler if your vehicle has one of those, nice thinking to stall it with the clutch before something bad happened.

I had something similar happen with a diesel semi tractor - it put out so much smoke that it blacked out the noon sun in Laredo for a full city block. It was impressive. In my case, the turbine had exploded in its housing, sending shards of broken metal into the charge air cooler
how does this work then
Thanks for that,its a nightmare now!anybody got a cheap turbo they arnt using???

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