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Full Version: Old Ford Mondeo Looking To Rise Again
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Doug Mondeo Man
Hi all,

New to the forums, hoping for some advice.

Just repaired the fuel pump on my old 98 (R reg) Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD. It's been on the drive for a month or so and today I started it and it worked fine. Took it on a test drive and it seemed okay until I tried to indicate. No indicators. I checked the hazard lights and they work fine. I took it home and then found out that turning the key no longer turned the engine over.

The car starts fine when I put a wire straight from the battery to the starter motor and started fine when I took it out earlier. I have to say I don't know about the indicators working or not since it's been on the drive for a while.

Fuses fine, relays fine, power getting to the key point fine.

Any ideas? If it were just not starting then I'd fit a push-to-start button and have done with it but I need indicators since it's not a BMW.

Thanks in advance...


p.s Doesn't start with Red Key either, I don't know if the immobiliser is having a bad day.
mr pompey
best i can come up with is clean the earthing points,
there should be three of them,

if not try diconnecting the battery again for 20 mins, and try again
mr pompey
p.s for got to ask aswell, since it want start from key, do all the lights on the dash come on??? when u try the key?
Doug Mondeo Man
Yes, all lights come on. There seems to be a problem between the key and the starter motor lead next to the battery. I'll try the disconnect. Thanks
mr pompey
clean the startmotor connections up see if that helps,

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