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Full Version: Removing Autoglym Srp From Plastics
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Cleaned car last week with Super Resing Polish and managed to get it on the plastic casings around wing mirrors, tried to get it off using warm AG Bodywork shampoo but no joy. Resorted to trying Intensive Tar Remover and even a rubber (eraser from school) with no joy!

I have some AG bumper gel and some rubber/vinyl protector still to try but am worried that when it wears off it will make the plastics go a light grey over time

Scrub hard with an all purpose cleaner - finish with olive oil or peanut butter.
Is olive oil a serious suggestion cause I've got a small bit on my door handles...
It's not going to cause damage is it?
mr pompey
try useing g101,
Gary Maxreflect
Olive Oil is an old detailing trick still used, give it a try it does work
[quote name='haldenby' timestamp='1317143016' post='146020']
It's not going to cause damage is it?
Nope, will bring the plastics up good
what if you don't get all the polish off before putting on the olive oil?
It'll still have a white residue left underneath it.

Other option for cleaning would be to use some WD40 on it. Then thoroughly wash it off, treat with smooth peanut butter or olive oil.
Gary Maxreflect
Yet again, no garlic

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