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Full Version: Subwoofer To Standard Stereo?
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focus 1.8 tdci
hi there,
ihave a 2008 focus zetec 1.8 tdci think the stereo is a 6000cd? (its the facelift model) does anybody know if a sub can be connected to the standard head unit? as i dont want to change this.
cheers for any help
you will require an amp...if not already built into the sub.

run all signal cables to amp and run from relevant channel to speakers. this gives better sound.


patch into either the front or rear channel signal cables and extend to sub.
focus 1.8 tdci
Yea got amp and all necessary wires, how do you connect the amp without the remote cable and RCA cables? Do you mean jus connect the sub to the rear speaker cables?
Yea can buy a converter that you wire to your rear speakers and it then converts to RCA plugs.
you may have to wire in the power on signal cable (remote cable) to an ignition live circuit. then solder/crimp onto the speaker signals.
focus 1.8 tdci
You know where you can get converter from?
Halfords may do one or any car stereo shop
Tom Brown
Just recently fitted a sub to my focus , you will require the line out converter to allow you to connect the RCA jacks to the head unit from the sub, you can get these from halfords for 7.99, you will also require some scotch block connectors which you can purchase from halfords to take the audio cables from the current audio cables and then from the blue source cable. :)
focus 1.8 tdci
Do you have any pictures? Still a bit confuses lol, where will the line out connector connect to? Will the blue ( remote ) wire just connect to a live ignition feed?
Tom Brown
I have pictures but i have the standard Sony head unit so not sure if that would be of any help, the RCA Line out converter from halfords has the details of which wires need to be wired to which colour in the packet and then you just require the scotch block connecters to match each wire to the matching colour in the head unit for the positive and negatives of the speakers.

You can use the blue remote wire that is already in the back of the head unit as i tested this with a volt meter and it isn't live when the ignition is turned off but becomes live when turned to the II on the ingition, so again you can use the scotch block connectors to connect your remote wire to the current one in place or you could wire the two into the one slot.

If you have problems with colours for the speakers feel free to ask further questions.
focus 1.8 tdci
Any chance of a quick look at the pictures? Shouldn't think it would be much different? My e-mail is
focus 1.8 tdci
You know what colour the speaker wires are in 2008 focus?
Tom Brown
Sorry i havent been on this thread for a while, im pretty sure the colours are kept standard throughout fords audio systems, but the only ones i required for the RCA cable and connection of the sub were

White (+) - Left Channel
White/Black (-) - Left Channel
Grey (+) - Right Channel
Grey/Black (-) - Right Channel
Black - Earth

and then your Blue cable is the remote wire.

these are the thicker cables found in a big bunch not to be confused for the thinner cables as you will also find these colours within.
Hello , i have stuck with the stock non-sony head unit, running off this is my sub , 6x9s and 6"'s in a fake wall on the back shelf and also a set of 6" in the front doors, if you need help setting up i could give you a hand :)

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