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Full Version: Imbalance On Front Wheels After Brake Pad Change
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:( Hi guys I have recently changed the front brake pads on my wifes 96 1.8 Focus. the brakes are fine but there is now a steering wheel wobble imbalance at about 60-70 mph.
The brake discs seem fine. I marked the wheels before I removed them so they went back on in the same place,but had them balanced to eliminate a wheel imbalance,but the problem still persists.
I am loathed to fit new discs if they are ok, but at the moment cant seem to see an alternative
Would greatly appreciate any help before i receive the divorce papers ;)

Regards Jim
Are you sure you didn't knock off a weight when you removed the wheels?
[quote name='Leemaxd' timestamp='1305747456' post='127938']
Are you sure you didn't knock off a weight when you removed the wheels?

get the wheels rebalanced first if that doesnt cure it make sure both calipers are correctly assembled and work freely but ide say its the tyres the old marking trick doesnt really work technically each time a wheel is removed it should be rebalancedpads and disks would have been better and cheaper you may have one disk worn more than the other or as they are bad for warped these links show the stuff and they are good prices
Many thanks for your replies.
I will replace the front discs.The reason I was delaying changing them was that the discs look Ok, but as you rightly pointed out they may be distorted, which may be difficult to determine.

Regards Jim :)
hi jim.
i had the same on mine..wheel shake at 60-70mph and judder when hard braking from 50mph onwards.

i changed pads and discs on mine for mintex from ebay..45 for the set delivered..took about an hour all in.

different car now and no wheel shake or judder. i was quoted 110 + from my local motor factor.

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