:) Hi All.

I have a Focus (mk1) ST170. Couple months ago my I noticed my clutch slip on two occasions when going up a very steep hill in 6th and putting my foot down. I am taking the car to the garage for a clutch change on Friday.

However, since then I have driven softly and the other day I did a stall test to check it was still slipping. The car stalled with the handbrake on pulling away. I went up a steep hill in 6th and the car was really juddering and about to stall until i dropped to below 15 (ish) mph and just before it was about to stall the revs built up.

My point is, it seems after 2 months the clutch just slips right at the point of stalling, udner hard load in 6th gear at low speed.

Is it still worth changing my clutch? Is it on its way out? Or is there somethin else wrong?

(Car in 80,000 miles no evidence of clutch ever changed, pedal is high up)