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Full Version: Hey, I'm A Newbie To The Forum
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Hey all.

Just got myself a MK3 Mondeo 03 plate last week.
the [color="#FF0000"]C[/color]lutch [color="#FF0000"]R[/color]elease [color="#FF0000"]B[/color]earing is making a right noise !
so i believe its the [color="#FF0000"]CRB[/color], a couple people told me that the symptoms are of that
(engine makes a grinding sorta noise, press clutch in and it goes away, release pedal and it comes back and so on)

both drivers side tyres need pumping up daily ! just looking for a set of alloys instead of replacing the tyres.

i found this site because i Googled the location of the fuse box because the cigarette lighter worked...then last night didn't lol
i've found the offending fuse but don't have any "mini" fuses spare, only normal ones grrr

[color="#FF0000"]A BIT ABOUT MY FORD HISTORY LOL[/color]

i started my Ford days in 2007 with a 1998 S reg Mondeo 1.8 Petrol
this lasted 2 hours before clutch went.
2 weeks later i got rid!

i then got a 52 plate Ford Galaxy 2.5 TD
within a week the clutch went.....within 2 weeks i got rid!

then in 2009 i got a 52 plate i think it was or 02 - 1.7 Ford Puma Coupe with full leather....
6 days later i got rid cos it looked girly lol within a week of gettin rid, the new owner informed me that the engine packed in so i was lucky lol

so as you can see, i'm not having much luck with Fords !!
lol well if you didn't have bad luck you'd have no luck at all.

Welcome to FOC Big_P :)

Hi and welcome to the club
thanks guys :-)

might sell it lol had it nearly two weeks n that seems my limit with fords lol

still not changed tyres n keep pumping them up, mainly down to not having the time as i had a baby 11 days ago lol
Well, had it a month now - replaced tyres

Very nippy and economical but looking for a smaller car.
Will miss the boot space but its hard to park outside my house when neighbours are in with their cars 1st.

Put it on Ebay
item = 170656843395
hey all, not been on here for a while

i sold the 53 plate mondeo i've mentioned above

i've gone and bought another last month and i wish i hadn't!

i dunno what it is with me and fords but they HATE me !

instead of making a new newbie thread, thought i would just say hello im back on here lol

i've bought a 2007 56 plate mondeo TDCI thinking it couldn't be as bad as the last two i had.......its WORSE!

i got it end of november, when i took it on test drive, it brokedown, TWICE

but i got the bus 15 miles away to go get it (ebay purchase)

and had work at 5pm and he took the mick at picking me up from the bus/train station and i didn't get to see the car till after 4pm!!

cut a long story short, i had to buy it just to get home in time for work - plus he took me to his house during the test drive and i had no idea how to get back to the bus/train station - so had to get it or i'd still be walking around now lost lol and i was late for work and got a warning !!

anyways, when i got home, i turned it offf and went to restart it straight away just for my own curiosity......NOTHING - it took me 7 weeks to get it started (just the other day)

he made out it was just the starter motor as it was sat a couple months as the owner had gone back to pakistan!

when i got home, i searched it online and all the forums basically said it will be flywheel connected.

so i bought a starter motor, flywheel and clutch kit - got someone sorted to fit it when they arrived BUT i thought i'd just stick the starter motor on myself to see if it started and to see if it was just the starter motor (although i have read that changing the starter motor may make it start but only for a few weeks or something until the flywheel shards of metal filings clog it up, so im still none the wiser)

anyways, once i got it started, there was this horrendous grinding noise in the engine bay - drivers side.....

not sure if this is the place to write about it so i'll make another thread up cos don't want to break any rules lol

i'll edit this post after and include the link :-)


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