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Full Version: Door Blew Open
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The drivers door on our newly acquired Mk2 blew open in the extreme winds we've been having this afternoon causing a small crease in the door skin near the swage line. What can I do to stop the door from opening in this way again?. It now opens so far it touches the edge of the A pillar.
apart from fitting a thick leather belt next to the hinge to help protect the hinge at its max movement only best way is to make sure you got hold of the door handles securely at all times.

sorry to hear it happen like, the wind was a nightmare on the moors, car was just rocking when parked.
Maybe teaching grannies to suck eggs - always open your windows!!! if you think it may be windy outside, open your window before you open the door, then you can get out, and the wind doesnt catch the door half as much as it blows through the hole! then once your out and you have a secure hold on the door/s close the windows, remove the ignition and done!

Saved me from denting a few very shiny motors on very windy days!, oh and saved me losing a door when the mrs opened it on a windy day, on a one way street, with a car coming! had the window been closed, it would have been bye bye door!
Q:With the greatest respect I don't follow your rationale; Do the windows close themselves when you lock the car? Ford said it would cost 17 plus the vAT for the retaining arm that's broken. The car is high mileage (150K) so probably was ready to break after being flung open many times. Hope I can work out how to fit it!!.
Thats fine Greeves,

No the method is, before you switch the ignition off, roll the windows down, and open the door, it doesnt catch the gust as much, so you can then grab hold of the door frame, stand outside your car having secured the door in your hand, and then you can close the windows whilst you have a good strong hand on the door, then just take the keys out.

It sounds much more complicated than it is :P

As for fitting the arm, thats not something I have ever thought about, but a haynes manual may be your best bet!
if your damaged door is opening to far check the door stay, it could have snapped, to replace it, you will need to take the door planel off, tip for next time it is windy use both hands, right hand on the door armrest handle then open the door with your other hand, that way it should not blow open
My tip: If its this windy outside, Stay in the bloomin' car!

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