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Full Version: Two Questions:
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So, I popped out from work today over to my car, I was trying to find an autolock feature on my car, and it got me thinking...

[i]If you had to pick one feature (as standard as it may seem!) of your current (primary) vehicle, that you could not live without... What would it be?[/i]

On the way back, I saw a very nice (ASBO Orange) Focus ST, and a very nice little customisation... The blue oval, was ASBO orange as well! and it got me thinking...

[i]What small and/or "unusual" feature would you add to your car, to really make it your own (not talking major customisations, like overhaul the engine with a 9ltr! just a little thing!)[/i]

So my answers:

a) One feature I really couldnt do without - Electric Mirrors! I remember the days in the old 54 Fiesta Finesse, where I had to stretch and wobble the mirror, then lean back and realise I have to stretch and wobble again cos I was looking at it the wrong way!

B) Decent set of DRL's near the fog housing! I think that would look alright on my car :)

... Over to you all!
One feature/option I couldn't do without,(apart from the automatic transmission), would probably by the bluetooth/voice control. It makes travelling between my work sites so much easier. I can make & receive calls without having to pull over. My next car would definatly have to have this too.

As for choosing a small modification to make it my own, ermm, I guess the chrome grille piece I added. I've never seen another Fiesta with one my travels so far.


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