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Full Version: Streetka Driving Me Nuts!!
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I've had my 05 SK for a month and have no end of problems - this time it's the alarm system - when i lock the car by remote after 60 seconds all the flashers start (but I get NO audible sound) & the battery drains as the flashers won't go off. :angry:. if I lock it by using the key it doesn't happen but I suppose the car isn't alarmed this way ??

also, the air con isn't working

has anyone any ideas before I take a flipping sledge hammer to it!


The air-con on mine was ineffective, not providing any cold air, so getting the system re-charged did the trick. I had to have a new condenser fitted.

Have you tried opening and closing the tonneau cover to make sure that it's properly shut? That does seem to stop a number of strange electrical problems. However, there are still electrical gremlins. Sometimes the "headlights on" buzzer doesn't work, sometimes the alarm goes off for no apparent reason.

hi sue, your ac has known issues but we will try to sort out alarm first. (you do know you can take it back for free repair or refund dont you?) anyway can you feel damp/wet on front carpets?

if you lift the bonnet and find the alarm pin-switch it should have a connector with 2 wires going to it???? unplug it make a bridging wire to join the 2 together at the plug.....does this solve alarm problem? if so 2 choices

1 make wire permanent but bonnet will not be alarmed

2 buy new part

regards steve
Hi Steve

nope - my mats are dry - but I think thats becuase the aircon isn't working -
Ive a feeling the previous owner has had problems with both the alarm and aircon and has disconnected both!

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