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Full Version: Question On Servicing Rear Brake Drums
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the shaymen
Hi all,
I'm just about to service my rear drums on 1.4 mk1.5 focus with ABS.
I've undone the 8mm bolt which seems to hold the ABS connector in but
the connector doesn't move. Do I have to take the four 13mm bolts out
of the back plate and pull the drum off to then disconnect the ABS
wire. Haynes manual just says undo it but shows no photos. (very helpful!).
Other focus forums show a different conector with no bolt. Please any help
appreceiated I don't want to break ABS. The car as 58,000 and the rear drums
have never been off since i've had the car (3 years).
Doing it this way so I don't damage the bearing ,
cheers Andy ....
the shaymen
anyone out there who as serviced Rear drums with ABS , any advice
would be welcome ...cheers
[quote name='the shaymen' timestamp='1308248011' post='132086']
anyone out there who as serviced Rear drums with ABS , any advice
would be welcome ...cheers

not sure if this is helpful but i had a ford puma a few years back was a 51 plate if i recall correctly.
and the abs were a bugger to get out ,if u undo the bolt then they should slide out but on mine both were proper enbeded,i ended up smashing them to get them out and replacing ,

just try some wd40 and work them out

from what i recall it was only the 8mm bolt that needed removing
I would recommend if the WD40 and a few wiggles doesnt start to loosen it up, then I would say remove the additional bolts, as your servicing it anyway, it wont do any harm - as long as you put them back in again...

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