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Full Version: Focus 2002 Problems
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hi i'm new and need help, i got a focus 2002 1.6 zetec, 117,000 odd miles i've been having a few problems with it lacking power mainly in 2nd and under 2000rpm, it seems like it got no response and judders / hesitates but once in 3rd it seems to pick up a bit but still boggy, i have to down a gear on hills as it just slows down even if i floor it theres nothing there, i've had the timing belt changed along with oil and filter, fuel filter, plugs, air filter ok leads seem ok from damage etc same as coil looks ok and wiring,(havent changed these) i've seen some posts saying possibly maf or egr but i dont have either of them also i've changed the pcv hose, i am going to change the back box, as far as i can tell the exhaust is still the original one piece please help thanks.
fishpond 47
was it like this before the timing belt was changed? get the timing rechecked
hi it was worse efore the timing eas done, after the so called mechanic done it i had to reset it as it was out and kept stalling, so brought the timing bar and pin and done it myself it runs loverly when cold in all gears but once warmed and running at normal temp it will lag power and kangaroo but if i accelerate gently the judder isn't there and if i start giving it more it will judder again till i get it over 3000rpms the problem not so bad when on motorways or higher speeds so pulling off seems fine 2nd get some judder 3rd not so much 4/5th no judder just lagging the performance and as i said it seems ok when cold
Sounds to me like your HT leads are breaking down under load.

The leads and coil pack may look OK but doesn't mean they are.
[b]update--[/b] :( i have disconeccted the battery and reset it and took it for a ten mile drive, when pulling off feels good, go into 2rd accelerate gentle and theres a rattling noise, from what seems to be around the back of the engine or top of it, if i push harder on the accelerator it goes away there also an improvement on performance (now changed coil/leads/back box) but still little bit sluggish, go into 3rd gently accel and get the rattle push it harder and it goesperformance similar to 2nd, up to 4th slight rattle and 5th i think theres a touch of rattle but can't quite tell, while cruzing along in 4/5th on and off the accelerator no rattle from what i can tell, 2nd/3rd on and off with accelerator theres a rattle here and there but just cruzing keeping accelerator on to maintain speed no rattle, i was worndering if it could be the cat as it's the original or something with the cams, rockers or tappets, or the something else to do with the timing area like i said the timing bar slid in nice, alsoas said before could the lambda sensors front and back be part of the performance problem and can i clean them i hope i've worded this better this time and you can all understand it thanks to you all
hi all, i changed the back box and coil/leads it has improved but still got a very little judder to it and still got a lack of performance although better than before it more when, say i'm in 2nd and give it some theres not much go can i clean up the lambda sensors with something as i've never changed them in the 5 years i had it so they could be originals for all i know and would gunk petrol treatment work to clean the injectors etc any help would be good i'm an intermediate mechanic i also have noticed a little bit of vibration on the clutch pedal if this is any way related i'll take any ideas thanks to the 2 replys i've had so far like i said coils/leads made some difference and i also checked the timing again and once i put timing pin in and put the timing bar in place and it fit like a glove so the timing looks fine
please anything that could help thanks

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