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Hi Does any one know if the rad/cooling fan as anything to do with the aircon cooling, i ask because my aircon keeps going on and off, and the pipe by pressure switch gets very hot..
Depends where the condensor is on your engine i guess , and if the rad/fan covers that area ,but i'm unsure TBH
Hi Preee, yes the condensor is behind the main rad, I have asked this because there is a possibility that the main rad/fan as stoped working, as this could be stopping the aircon from working right, I need to know how i can test the rad/fan, this then would give me an idea of what could be wrong.
I think the rad fan should run all the time the aircon is switched on so you should be able to see and hear it running with the car parked and ticking over.
Hi, correct, thus if the fan has a problem then the A/C will not work as it should...
Thanks guys, it looks like it could be the rad/fan do you know how i can test it..
Well, the clue was in my reply - if you open the bonnet, start the car and leave it ticking over then switch on the aircon you should see and hear the fan running. Turn off the A/C and it should stop (providing the engine hasn't warmed up).
Thanks Mike, it looks like i will be getting a new rad/fan.
Update on my aircon, It was the radiator fan, it had stopped working, I fitted a new fan It cost 212.00 but it was worth it, aircon working great now. :D

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