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Full Version: Mondeo Tdci Injectors
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Hi I've got a 54 plate mondeo 2.0 tdci 130, there is some diesel around two of the injector pots, could it be a seal gone or do the two injectors need replacing. When it's started in the morning it runs really rough and there's blue smoke coming out, but when it's warm it runs fine still got the power there, Thanks
if all the pipework on the common rail looks ok it could be the injector seals leaking,blue smoke is a sign of oil being burnt,if it was diesel the smoke would be black.
I've changed the seals on the pipes going into the injectors, I was told there is a copper washers on the bottom of the injector so I'll try changing that. Thanks Dave
if it only gives blue smoke first thing id say valve stem oil seals worn, regards steve
I've noticed when you accelerate hard it pumps out black smoke, and some times when I start it up it won't rev up for a few seconds, and a couple of weeks ago it went into limp mode until I turned it off then on again, it's using a lot of fuel too, it only puffs out blue smoke when I first start it up in the morning after that it seems to be ok. Thanks dave
my best advice is have it scanned for fault codes (there will definately be some) before agreeing for someone to do "diagnostics" ask if they monitor live data once codes extracted. if they dont they dont understand diagnostics so you should go elswhere as they will probably say "you have 3 codes so you need these 3 sensors" then when the cars no better it will be "well thats what the scanner said was wrong with your car" make sure you take pen&paper with you and let us know what codes are stored. personally (and this is by no means a substitute for having someone physically examine you car)my opinion is over night oil seeps down the side of your valves into cylinders. when you start it on a morning apart from measured fuel/air the engine has to burn this extra ingredient off before it can accurately be monitored and adjusted by the ecu. hence blue smoke on warm up. also if you have a multimeter measure batt volts before/during/ and after cranking. do the volts fall low when starting and recover just before engine stabelises? let us all know how you get on, regards steve
I've had a code reader on it, it only came up with the boost control valve, I think it's called that any way, something to do wolith it not boosting right

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