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Full Version: Intermittent Nightmare!
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I have a mk2 2.0tdci which is driving me almost insane!

Will be driving along and the abs light comes on and the speedo freezes then at anytime the fault vanishes and everything is fine.
I have spent 100's on diagnosis to no avail have had the abs rings replaced and it's still happening. Have bought a set of clocks from the scrappy but the car refuses to start when the new ones are in so i can't tell if it's a fault dash that's the prob.
Has anybody come across this before?
If anybody can help me it would be great as i can't afford more diagnostic work and in my eyes you will be a god amongst men!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do know you can't just buy a new set of clocks and put them in, you have to programme the ecu to accept the new clocks.
I know on the mk1, the vehicle speed sensor on the back of the gearbox caused the dash dials to fluctuate and other things. The cyclinder head temp sensor (cht) caused the same problem (located between spark plugs). The cht caused voltages to arc. Maybe it's the same on the mk2? might be worth asking your mechanic about the speed sensor.
Was also told it could be the ABS module control unit that's faulty but a mechanic said that the mileage display is visible still and the handbrake light is off so it can't be that as they fail to!
My head is battered (SOB)
No other dials move they stay fine it's just the speedo that freezes and the abs warning light is lit.
Any ideas?????
[quote name='tdcijack' timestamp='1307808811' post='131410']
Any ideas?????
Id say speed sensor happen on mine :)

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