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What does the Aux button do? If anything?
if you have the aux port in your glove box, it enables you play music from a different source such as a mp3 player or phone via 3.5mm jack.
If you are talking about your stereo, it's for iPod or iPhone connection to it, but you need to look to see if there is a input socket in your glove box, if not you can put one in yourself quite easy if you want to use it.
[quote name='bottletree' timestamp='1307649994' post='131137']
What does the Aux button do? If anything?
[font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][/size][/font][font="Calibri"][size="3"]Itís kinda like bull running in Spain, only with the use ofyour focus, press it while the engine is running and keep watch in your rearview mirror. He will come soon :lol: [/size][/font]

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Lenny, that was pretty much how I spent my last year of Focus ownership :lol:
Well i wont bother looking in glove box for a port cause this particular model comes with barely anything. Surprised i got wheels with the car to be honest.
the LX isnt that bad, father in law has the air con as standard... granted thats about where it ends :rolleyes:...

He did get electric windows, mirrors and rear window heater, but those are standard too :P

Having said that with the zetec climate I didnt get much more than that anyway...
i got an air freshner that hangs of the rear view mirror and it was a tree! just before xmas aswell! my own car had a xmas tree!

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