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Full Version: Battery Hell
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Hi all,

I have a 2002 mondeo zetec battery went dead and I got it replaced. Same thing again.I brought it to my mechanic who tested the battery when the car was gave a reading of 5amps. All lights,fuses,radio etc were checked and it's not them. Alternator was disconnected and reconnected but problem still there. Alternator is working fine. Mechanic said it could be something to do with the central locking? Does anyone know why this car us draining the battery? Cheers rob
mr pompey
i would have the alternater rechecked, or check the earthing points,
would also check the battery while the car is running,(with all lights on aswell) as it sounds like the alternater is not chargeing the battery up
Hi thanks for the reply will let you know if it works cheers
fully focused
I'd also check the alternator regulator.
Hi all, mechanic got an auto electrician into have a look at it.he spent an hour and a half on it did all the fuses, interior lights etc, battery still giving reading of 5amps, auto electrician thought it could be a problem with the central locking, mechanic checked this out but wasn't it. The car battery is showing a minimal reading as is normal but will go up in amps again, he said he is stuck and told me to bring it to an auto electrician specialist, the original auto electrician is away on holidays now. Has anyone had this trouble? Thanks
chris bowman
my mkii mondeo 1.8 petrol used to retire a new battery every 2 years! i never got to the bottom of it! got wierd symptoms when it was playing up aswell. whentrying to start the car as the engine turne over slowly, the wipers used to sweep slowly even when they were turned off??? the first hint i ever got however was the central locking being really sluggish. ie unlocking one door after the other over about 4 seconds instead of almost instantaneously. there was obviously something wrong with the electrics but never got to the bottom of it before i got rid of it. u could disconnect the central locking as the module is above the drivers footwell and see if it makes a difference over a few days
This was done with the central locking but still amps running to the battery. I'm leaving it into an auto electricians garage to hopefully get it sorted. I'll let you know what the problem is! Thanks for the replys
Hi, so it isn't the alternator draining the battery? They are well known for doing this, although you say amps are running to the battery, don't you mean from???
chris bowman
in my mkii though i didnt find the cause, my battery wasnt holding its charge over night. but despite this registered nearly 14 volts but useless and pathetic amperage which is more importatnt

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