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Full Version: Fuel Sender
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Hi all,

my fuel gauge is giving me trouble. i brought it to a mechanic and he said the fuel sender unit needed to be replaced. he said i should get the fuel pump replaced too. he said he would have to but the two parts from ford and it would cost 504 and 200 to fit them. does anyone know if i should get the pump done too? cheers
If the pump is past its recommended service interval, and it hasnt been replaced, I would, however I would take it to an independant garage and ask them to check it over, in fact I would take it to Ford and ask their opinion. It could be worthwhile and might save a second garage trip later, or you could be trying to replace a perfectly healthy part.

As for the FSU - what troubles are you getting? the gauge just sticks, and then suddenly drops? or wont accurately reflect the fuel you have in the tank?
Hi jeebowhite, the mechanic says pump is fine just needs fuels sender unit, the gauge is reading fuel in the tank but once it hits a quarter it goes dead cheers for the reply
Yeah, by dead, if you mean just sticks at a quarter, then the FSU is stuck, if you mean dead as in when you get to a quarter, the gauge just flops, then it could be a faulty FSU, in that its shorting out along the lines, thus cutting all electric to the gauge, thus killing it off, but this could be a wiring issue as much as a new FSU.

I looked at an FSU for my Focus 55 - think it was around about 130 for the part, which would be a shame if you find its not the actual unit...
For Ireland want 504 for the fsu!!! Crazy money, will get a second hand one I think. The needle gets to a quarter and then the car is out of petrol, will let you know what happens when the new unit is put in. Cheers
Sorry that was ment to say ford Ireland!!
[quote name='Robgrace' timestamp='1308170358' post='131968']
Sorry that was ment to say ford Ireland!!

what about asking these guys for a quote? I've had many a dealing with them in the past, very helpful and fast service. also ship to europe :)

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