The airbag light is on in my Mk3 55 plate Mondeo, I have changed the module and both seatbelt tensioners (fault flash code says drivers seatbelt tensioner) but to no avail.

Is it true that the airbag light is self setting? sounds daft but the guy in Fords told me that the light is self setting so there is obviously still a problem.

I recently had the car into fords for a new clutch and solid flywheel conversion and the guy ran the car through the diagnostics for me as a favour and this pointed to driver and passenger seatbelts which have both been changed? he says there may be a wiring fault.

Does anybody have a wiring diagram?

Only thing I did notice is that the car I got the tensioners from had seatbelt warning lights on driver and passenger mine only has it on drivers, is this someway linked into the airbag system?

Thanks for any help, had the car nearly a year now and appart from a slipping clutch i'm over the moon with it but the airbag light is driving me insane!