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Full Version: Shaking Focus
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tony b
Hi All
Have come on to help mate at work.
He`s got an 02 focus and had shaking at about 70-80mph, and has changed so far 1 x drive shaft, both lower arms, ball joints, shockers, and I think bushes on top.
And its still doing it so he`s baffled, the clutch was done about 8/9 month ago if this helps with info.

thanks before hand for any replies
You say "shaking" in saying that, do you mean vibration through the steering wheel?
If its the whole car that is vibrating, it is usually the rear wheel balancing and if its through the steering, its usually the front wheel balancing.

As it is at 70 to 80, it is most likely the rears, but you may as well get all of them balanced up.

If balanced already and still got a problem, you may have a slight buckle, due to the amount of pot holes these days.

Good luck, and hope its nothing major.
Considering parts replaced, I reckon the OP's mate is thinking it's coming from the front axle. And like you I'm of the opinion its probably a wheel balancing problem, hence I asked the question.

But hey ho either way, I'd be inclined to check wheel balance is right before I set about replacing parts. Mind you the OP might say that was checked first, need a bit more feed back.

Anyway as you may well have worked out by other threads on tyres :rolleyes: I'm into tyres in a big way monitoring wise [having bought a digital tyre tread measuring device] So before I went on my recent "jollies" to Dorset last week, I measured the tread depth on all tyres.

Now don't sigh, but with the fronts [Marangoni Verso's] having four water channels, and the newer rears [Goodyear OptiGrips]having three water channels. I take four measurements on each front tyre, and three measurements on each rear...I can hear you all saying ....get a life...well actually its all about hanging on to the one I've got :D.

Right, the aforementioned data is entered onto a spread sheet, and can be compared with previous readings. So did another measurement when I got back home. Now I was expecting to do circa 1k miles whilst away, but the grandson was grounded with the runs, so did not travel far from a toilet for a couple of days :rolleyes:

Anyway I covered 815 miles, and whilst on the motorway I noticed the steering wheel vibration circa 74-80 mpg. Now the fronts where swapped from the rear axle back in March 2010 with 5.5mm of tread on them, and had no vibration problems, whilst they covered three touring motorway trips, from time of swap to the last one back in September 2010. Now prior to this last trip the front tyre with the lowest average tread depth was down to 3.32mm

So maybe they are liable to go out of balance the more they wear down, or I've taken a knock on one of the wheels over the winter.....who knows. Anyway, the new readings show that whilst the wear on the rear tyres was equal on both tyres. On the fronts, the offside front has worn at more than twice the rate of the nearside front. 0.24mm against 0.09mm

Take from the above what you will, as I know some peeps who think detailed analysis is boring, will have switched off by now :rolleyes: Also as I have not had the digital tread tool that long, I cannot give any detailed wear comparisons for earlier measurements. But given that the front tyres will most probably be down to 3.00mm prior to a jaunt down to Cornwall, end of August. And given the cost of rebalancing tyres near to the end of their usable life, I reckon I'll just replace them with a couple of new tyres, and see if it cures the vibration problem.
Catch, could well be right, when I first got my focus 09 I had a shaking steering wheel at higher speeds, got all the usual done, tracking ,balancing but it still does it now but only very slightly.
But I found out the tyres that are front are cheap rubbish that ford put on to sell me the car, thankfully are now close to being changed, and I am quite sure when I change them for decent tyres it will totally cure my problem.
Catch. Ive got a headache now. LOL

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