Hi guys, i hope someone can help me with this. I recently got a focus with a usb and aux socket. The garage I got it from told me that i could connect my ipod in with the white usb apple wire and a set of aux wires through the headphone socket on my ipod. He said this would save me buying the cable that ford produce specially. I've plugged both of these wires in and I can see everything on the screen (music info etc) and can change tracks through my stereo system hence no need to touch my ipod.

One problem is that there is no sound, can anyone help me with this? I've tried two different sets of aux cables and still nothing. Is there settings that need to be changed to get the sound because I can only seem able to access the music on the ipod. It comes up on the display of the stereo but I cant hear anything.

Any help would be much appreciated. :)