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Full Version: Is This The 6000 Model Radio?
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Hi guys,

The short story is that I want to find a compatible iPod adapter for my radio in my Ford Focus 2007.

I think that this radio is the 6000 model, although I don't have the audio manual for the car, so I can't confirm this.

I can play normal CDs, (not MP3 CDs), and I can't see a button for a CD changer, so I don't know if it can support that or not. It also has an AUX in 3.5mm in the glovebox - if that is of assistance.

I've attached a picture of the radio to this post.

Any ideas? Please help!
This is the 6000 model, Most adaptors are for older models (also called 6000) as installed in the Mk1. They will not work with this ( the changer control, which the adaptor needs to emulate, is different).
I think there was something from Dension, but at cost, and only offering skipping from the radio and steering wheel controls, and the possibility to change the first 6 albums or playlist - as the CD changer protocoll does not offer any additional controls (like browsing, and displaying ID4 tags).
Thanks ... but your post is a little confusing!

Will the adapter work with my model, or are you saying that the adapter will be limited/won't work at all?

Are you saying that the changer control is different? To what?
Hi Guys,

I bought the following adapter kit from Dension

[b]Gateway 300_CAN (with text capability) Cradle/Cable Included (gw33fc1) (Dock Cable (IPO5DC9))
Ford, Focus Mk2, 2004-2007, 6000CD with AUX button
The problem is that the adapter which goes into the radio does not look like the adapter in the installation manual. I've attached a picture of the radio, and the adapter for the radio.

Perhaps you can let me have your suggestions as to what I can try?

Perhaps there is a different dock adapter cable which I can purchase from them which will work?

I've confirmed with the manufacturer that I do have a Ford, Focus Mk2, 2004-2007, 6000CD with AUX button. I've also attached a picture of the front of my radio so that you can see it up close.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

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