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Full Version: Wobble Steering, Help, What Does It Mean?
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FiFi the Ford
Right :)

Yesterday i bought my first car and am over the moon :D got a little red ford KA 1998 R reg

only problem is when driving the steering wheel has quite a bit of play in it and wobbles when driving making it hard to keep control of the car and drive straight especially when using one hand to change gear, it just moves so much.

i would appreciate answers as soon as possible as i am getting worried :\ it has litrally just passed its MOT so i'm hoping its nothing serious as it should have been detected if so.
it could be several things,but ka's are knows for play in the steering racks,did you buy the car from a garage? did you get any warranty with the car? if the steering is that bad, the seller has sold the car in a dangerous condition and is illegal so get back to the seller and see what they say.
FiFi the Ford
well is there anyway it could be tighten because i'm use to a tight steering so feel a little uncomfortable and no it was from a private seller, a friend of a friend who said he never noticed it, thanks for your help :)
it depends what the problem is,i would get a local garage to inspect the steering and see what they say.
FiFi the Ford
well it's just had a MOT so if its that bad it shouldn't have past! might complain! thanks :)

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