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Full Version: Fuel Light
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Quick question, does anyone know how many miles are left after the fuel light comes on roughly? It's a 1.6l focus mk1.5

(and does it flash, ive never had it low enough to flash and dont know if it does)
Ive never had it low enough to flash. It normally comes on with 10 litres of fuel left, unless you have a fuel computer which shows how many miles you have left, and then it is 50 miles. Ive never seen them flash.
I've read somewhere 10 litres , I've looked at my manual and there's nothing about the fuel light flashing. I've never took the chance and let the fuel get so low. I was once told it clogs up the filter, don't know if that's a true fact.
Fuel light comes on when there is 50 miles of fuel left in the tank. I've had the trip computer saying I had 4 miles until empty, and the fuel light does not flash.

What I usually do is when the light comes on, get to a petrol station. It's just I calculate my MPG by resetting the odometer when refilling and when I get to near empty check the odometer reading and enter the numbers into the MPG calculator on the internet. So the more you run lower, the more MPG it is

I know theres another way but I sometimes dont fill to the brim everytime so I dont know if it still works

Sorry to bring up old threads but now i have a focus this is something i'm interested in too. Filling up to the top just after the light came on i could only get 45 litres in so i would assume that's about ten litres left for a 55 litre tank. At my current mpL (a bit heavy footed as i'm having fun in my new car) i was getting around 8 miles per ltr so there should be about aprox 80 miles left in the tank at a push. Am i right in saying this? 


Oddly, my fuel light comes on when the computer shows 58 miles left.


In mine it comes on and says "50 miles left" then flashes at 25 miles left. but only 3 or 4 times then is solid. Never had it lower than 10 miles.


mines just the same as johnh the 50 mile reserve is already calculated into youre total miles on the computer so if it says you have 315 miles of fuel thats with the reserve which will show a light at 50 miles left its not 315 miles then add another 50 miles on top as some think

I've had mine down to 0 miles remaining. It doesn't flash! It also comes on at 50 miles remaining, with a "ding dong".

Same here, comes on and says 50 miles left, had it as low as 4 miles and it does not seem to flash . . . although I see JohnS who asked the original question has a MK1 Focus, I assume it would be 50 miles left just the same but not sure about that.  

Must have changed it from the mk2 to the 2.5 saying that different cluster from the mk2 thats why mk1 from what i remember if you dont have the smsll computer then its just the orange fuel light at around 50 miles

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