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Full Version: Trying To Get A Wire Through To Battery From Boot
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Hi all,
I've fitted a towbar and im trying to get a wire from boot to battery to power relay.
Ive got it from boot to front passenger footwell, but im now stuck trying to get it through to battery !
I've seen a rectange plastic box and the surround that comes off behind dash which looks like it must be the main exit / entry as lots of wires go through it to bonet but cant seem to get a wire through it !
Also i cant see what taking the plastic surround off the box does, it doesnt seem to make it any easier !

Any help would be apreicated !

mr pompey
hi there not sure what the lay out is on a focus, but would fink pretty much the same as the mondeo,

lift the bonnet up, and see where the fuse box is, there should be a load of wires wrapped together, which leads into the bulk head, follow this until u get to it, where the wire's go that is like rubbery, get a coat hanger, or something like that, and gentle feed it through the rubber bulk head bit, once uve a far bit through go in side car and look under the dash bit to see if u can see it, if u can try and tape wire to what ever uve feed through, and gentle pull it back through the bulk end until u can see it, then hay presto connect to battery,

here's some pics for u to look at so uve got a rough idea, (this is on a mondeo,)

I have never seen this mythical entry point but i understand that if you remove your battery you should be able to see where the wiring goes from the engine bay into the car.

If you undo the I think it 5 screws holding in the glove box then pull it out, there is a couple of big grommets with loads of wires going through. Done it on mine to get wires through.

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