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Full Version: 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems
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I have an intermittent starting issue with my Focus.
Sometimes it fires first turn of the key.The next time it might take 2 or 3 turns and then now and again it turns over but wont start.
Plenty of life in the battery and when it dosent start a bump down a hill does the trick.
Otherwise its running perfect.

Any suggestions? Before I have to take it to Ford and part with a shitload of dosh!
Do you hear the starter crank each time?
It cranks but just dosent fire.As I said sometimes it starts first crank sometimes it takes 2 or 3 cranks but after 10 or so I give up and resort to bumping it!
If it cranks but wont fire, sounds like a starter brush issue, does the car run perfectly fine when you bump it?
After bumping goes fine!
Could be a duff starter or starter brushes then fuel keeps going timing keeps the engine spinning, check coils and plugs but i suspect you will replace the starter...

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