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Full Version: Where To Get Cheap Wiper Blades And Light Bulbs
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mr vimto
Hi - could someone recommend a place where I could get cheap wiper blades and bulbs for a Focus MK2 Estate?


The packs of bulbs that Wilkinsons sells appear to be generic. Is there a way that I would know if these are suitable?

I know this question may appear a little naive but I would like to avoid paying the sky high prices that Ford appear to charge for such essential/basic parts if possible.
Yea ebay is the cheapest. I had headlight and side light bulbs off there. Ive bought Phillips in the past and they didnt last long. Ended up buying the cheapest ones off ebay, still going strong now. And they fit the mrs fiesta!! :)

Had flat wipers off ebay too. I bought unbrandd ones but Bosch ones are reasonable on there.
I bought unbranded just standard "Aero" style, lasted 6 months and cost just over a tenner for all three.
mr vimto
Thank guys - when looking on ebay - how do I know they (bulbs or blades) will be the correct ones.

Will it be the same for all MK2 Focus for example?
ebay ones you can just see by the age -

as for the bulbs, just search by car, then age (2004 >) then find the bulbs. always check the ratings against the manual!

Always ask the seller outright "will this fit my car.... 2005 MK2 1.6LX Ford Focus Hatchback" - if they say yes, great you have confidence, if they dont know find another seller.

If you ask outright and have confirmation then if they need to replace because the item is faulty, then you can quote things at them later should you need to.

... i.e. I purchased an "OEM wingmirror LHS" from a seller on ebay, they quoted it to be OEM. I argued on receipt it wasn't, they confirmed they dont sell OEM, so paid the postage to get the item picked up by courier, and refunded straight away, otherwise I would have been eligible for return fee's and "restocking" fee's.

Just remember that its always more difficult when working with ebay, as the Distance Selling Regulations are very difficult to enforce. for bulbs, I suggest deal with EuroCar Parts or someone similar, if you have a local branch, even better!

Good Luck!
I recently purchased the cheaper wiper blades of ebay. Was wondering how long they would last with them being unbranded parts.
My question is why are the branded parts almost 3 to 4 times more expensive? Its just molded rubber for crying out loud.
its all brand names, and how they claim their "technology" makes them so much better. I drive about 14,000 miles a year, and I just keep buying the cheapies they last about 6-8 months... Baring in mind most of my miles are motorway miles, and when I had the focus, I didnt see a difference, I went to Halfords and forked out nearly 80 on their wipers, replaced them with ebay's - didnt even notice the difference! useability was still good, there waere smudges but that was due to the bui9ldup of cack on the windscreen, other than that, the expensive ones did not outlive Fords own, or halfords...

just imagining the profit they make... :) I would so love to be them!

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