My bonnet release became difficult to operate.

I eventually managed to release the bonnet by pushing in on the key as I turned and got the bonnet open.

In the process of trying to fix the problem, I dropped the bonnet onto the first latch ( not fully closed), but now cannot release the catch at all.

I managed to removed the grill without breaking it which was easy to do as I had removed the top pegs to the plastic cover on top of the grill.

After a some pushing and pulling I could not get the bonnet to release, but the lock assembly has come off leaving about 5" of wire cable going into a plastic housing.

The cable appears to just go round although it does catch occasionally. It appears that the swage connection of the operating wire has come loose from the lock house and is pobably the reason the lock was failing.

I've heard it is possible to open the bonnet with a large screwdriver, but cannot remove the wire cable assembley to gain access to anything to turn with a screw driver.
Any help appreciated.