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Full Version: Whinging Noise In Car While Driving, Just Started
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Hi there, has anybody else with the Kuga experienced a whinging noise while driving. Not sure where noise is coming from but only started this week. Car over 2 years old.
fishpond 47
Have you tried leaving the missus at home lol, sorry I couldnt resist.
fp - Bet me to it! (she IS the missus though)

KC - when does the noise happen? (accelerating, braking steering , only on startup etc etc?) there are a lot of things that can make a noise on a car
Kuga Kev
You do get a lot of tyre noise on Kugs's also noise from the door mirrors. :rolleyes:
This ^^^^

Not sure what you mean by Whinging. My 2010 AWD 2.5T started a medium pitch rumbling hum from the front at about 25K. I though it might be a wheel bearing but tried new tyres which fixed it straightaway even though there was quite a bit of wear left. After research, I bought Goodyear Eagle F1, rated quietest I could find. They made such a difference that I changed the rears too, long before they needed it. Amazing quietness and greatly improved ride.

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