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Full Version: Engine Coolant
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Lucy M

I probably sound really lame but this is my first car, and I bought it second hand where they lost the user manual so I'm all confused. I have a 2004 Ford KA and found that my coolant level is below minimum after checking it. Now I'm really confused about what kind of coolant to buy to top it up. Do I have to drain the whole thing before I put more coolant in? and does anyone know what kind I need to get to fill it? This is all so confusing for me lol!

Thank you!
can you see the water level in the expansion tank at all,if it only requires a small top up plain water should be ok,if it requires more an antifreeze mix should be used some thing like this remember to only fill to the max mark and not to the top of the expansion tank,also keep an eye on the level once topped up in case you have a leak somewhere.
Remember your steam iron. Normal tap water on its own can fur up the system.

Anti-freeze is more important in the winter of course but it should be present all year round as it is also a rust inhibitor. A top up with tap water is fine as long as there is a good dose of anti-freeze already there or you are going to add some more. Use the stuff in Mints link above and just add up to a max of 50% water to it. :)
should the correct coolant not be pink?..
Dunno to be honest. My g/f has hidden the handbook so can't find it just now ! Best to check first though.
reading the second customer review in the link says that it is pink.
[quote name='mintalkin' timestamp='1310397279' post='135434']
reading the second customer review in the link says that it is pink.

fair do's, never read that much. Just they sell the pink stuff for 3 quid cheaper for the same amount.

on second thoughts, its concentrate where as the 'pink bottle' is ready mixed... duhh

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