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Full Version: Focus Engine Fans
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Hi all,

2003 53 1.8 TDCI GHIA 115 BHP 77K.

I can leave the car all night, or for 3 days locked and on my drive. The minute i get into it and turn it over the Engine Fans are constantly Whirring away, its a cold engine surely this is not right? I can drive at any speed and the fans are always on?

All fuses and relays have been swapped over from a 52 plate focus 1 by one to diagnose that out of the picture and no avail.

Any idea's Peeps

Thank you & Merry Christmas LOL

Its not something obvious like the aircon is switched on?

failing that it sounds like a duff temp sensor or a bad connection with a temp sensor so the ecu is putting the fan on regardless as a safety thing..
Agreed, worst case scenario could be the thermostat needs replacing... have you tried unplugging these sensors?
[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1310545085' post='135737']
Agreed, worst case scenario could be the thermostat needs replacing... have you tried unplugging these sensors?

my neighbours fiesta was doing the same thing.......................there wasnt enough coolant in the car sounds stupid i know other than that i agree with the above temp sensor or relay thermostat
Hi Guys

sorry its been a while for me to reply.

the aircon is not switched on, its neither on the screen setting.

where about is the temp sensor, and what will this do if i unplug it? will this diagnose the problem if so how would i know?

This all all started were by i had my aircon re-gassed and the sircon still doesnt work, i believe there is not leak with the system due to this being pressure tested.

do you think there is a link between the two? the aircon compressor when switched on, does engage as you can here it, but then nothing happens, the revs fluctuate, as it is trying to engage the aircon.

Cheers Damien
I have no idea where the temp sensor will be on the diesel engines but on the petrol engines it was in the middle of the cylinder head between cylinders 2+3 and there was only 1 sensor!

by unplugging the temp sensor it will put the car into 'safe' mode where it will run the cooling fan constantly - just as you have now. I suspect your fault could be a duff temp sensor
When the engine has been running a while, what does the gauge read? is it reading low or is it normal?

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