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My Son has a Ford Focus 2.0 Ghia, 02 plate. The sump is very corroded so today we bought a new one and aim to fit it at the weekend. We would be very grateful if anyone could help with the following questions;

1 A new gasket wasn`t supplied with the sump, Eurocarparts ( who supplied the sump for 45 ) said a gasket would be
18. We then tried Ford who said a gasket wasn`t needed and to use a sealant.

Does anyone know the best method and if so, is the gasket best fitted dry, or if using sealant, what is the best
type to use?.

2 To rust-proof the new sump I read somewhere to rub the outside with a HMP grease, and to re-apply yearly.
Is this the best option or maybe apply several coats of hammerite paint?.

3 While the sump is off the car is there any maintainance that could be done, ie cleaning the oil pickup filter?.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give, John
fishpond 47
1. you need a sealer that sets like rubber not a silicon sealer, ie: Tiger seal or siknes any good motor factor will sort you out.

2. Dont the focuses have an underneath splash gaurd? otherwise a good coat of paint will be suffice.'ll only be able to just wipe over the oil pick-up mesh thats all you'll be able to dounder there.

Hope this helps.

ps: you'll need a good knife/blade to unstick your old sump.
a small gasket scraper and some degreaser would be helpful too for cleaning up the bottom of the block before you use a sealant on the sump.
[quote name='stef123' timestamp='1310582595' post='135820']
a small gasket scraper and some degreaser would be helpful too for cleaning up the bottom of the block before you use a sealant on the sump.

1.8 and 2.0 didnt come with splashgaurds unles you paid extra not that it matters ford usually rip them off but yeah a good scrape and degrease tiger seal takes too long to set halfords sell a proper gasket sealant for sumps and water pumps etc there isnt a gasket for the sump its just sealed as for rust proofing best tip and they say youre not meant to but i have with no issues is to apply brush on waxoyl underseal or a good few coats of hammerite will do also underseals cheaper and lasts longer

Jobs now done, the sump was a pig to get off, but with a mallet and blunt scraper it finally gave in. Lots of scrapping old sealant off and degreasing and he`s finally back on the road. We decided to try coating the new sump with HMP grease and will check in a month or two to see if its up to the job. I remember years ago a mate of mine would coat the chassis of his Camper van with old engine oil once a year and 30 years later the metal was as new.

Thanks everyone for your help, John

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