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Full Version: Dpf Tank Fill And System Reset
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Hello everybody.
I have recently re-filled the dpf tank under the C-Max and have a small problem. The "engine problem" light was not illuminated before filling so carried out the widely available "turn ignition key and operate filler cap" routine. The "engine problem" light came on at the end of the procedure and now will not go out.
There is no error message on the central display, no red light below it and no DTCs are recorded when using the DIY "how to read your DTCs" routine. The car drives just fine.
What am I doing wrong? Is there some subtle way of doing the reset sequence or is the procedure for the C-Max different from the Focus one?
I think there may be an error at the end of the "filler cap" procedure as it says start the engine and wait for the MIL light on come on then go out. Then switch off the engine and turn the key to posiyion II, confirm the MIL light does not show. Well, unless I'm looking at the wrong light of course it will show as the engine will not be running, i.e. a fault.

Also a couple of observations on the filling. I used a Volvo 1.5 litre kit purchased through eBay.
1) The valve that fits on to the supply bottle leaked so much that I cut it off the pipe and used a funnel.
2) The bottle on the overflow connection pipe is air tight and it prevents fluid from coming out, so I had to open it to let air out and allow the fluid to flow through.
3) I put in 800 ml and the car has done about 29,000 miles, so that works out at 27ml per 1000 miles. Given the tank is 1.5 litre (I think) that give a range to empty of about 55,000 miles.

I await suggestions about what I'm doing wrong with interest and hope the observations are of use.

from what i understand about doing the additive fill yourself is that you need to get the counter reset in the ecu by the dealership or a holder of FORD IDS.

never come across a fill where the additive counter is reset by what your describing above.
That's what the guy at my local garage also said. They can refill the eolys fluid, but Ford have to reset the ecu as they don't have the equipment or know how.
Hello everybody,
In my case the two respondants are correct, I had to go to my local dealer for filter regenerate, counter rest and fault clear. Invicta Ford Ashford charged a reasonable 45 to do the job and as far as I know all is now well.

We also had recall work done on the car free of charge; this being for a cooling fan fire risk caused by connector corrosion.

glad you got it sorted especially for such a low (ish) price and a recall to go to with it, bonus.

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