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Full Version: Black Smoke Loss Of Power
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Flat skint broke fed up with Ford Mondeo's full stop.
Summary on my 3rd mondeo but first of the diesel kind. Got ripped off 2600 buying a Ford mondeo 2.0l tdci 130bhp from a Garage (for they replaced alternator prior to sale. Dual mass fly wheel went fortunately within three month warranty so they replaced and asked me for 200 if I wanted clutch replacing at same time which I did as I had one replaced with last mondeo. Seemed to run ok.
6 months later glow plug warning light came on. Took to my local garage who also ripped me off a further 1500 for full service some repairs and replace all four injectors, leak off rail and glow plugs. Car has never done more than 33mpg ever since. They wanted to shed responsibility and send me to their subcontractor directly who recoded the injectors initially. I took this up with the Royal Motoring Institution who agreed that at the very least the garage had overcharged and should at least get the injectors recoded again to latest ford software. I said no as it needed a diagnostic which they would not pay for. So I gave up and could not afford 52 fee to get RMI to adjudicate. So I lost out.
Now only 2 weeks ago my car starts to chuff out black smoke and seems underpowered and struggles on a cold start. This car is going to be the death of me one way or another. I have no money and no one who can help. Been to Ford who only want to charge me 84 for the diagnostic..chrs ford no sympathy there for being a ford mondeo driver for last 10 years. Holiday cancelled for yet another year. Insurance gone up 100 for having 9years no claims thanks. Work nights get 4hrs sleep on average after looking after my daughter, both sons think i'm a bag of crap and dont speak anymore. I'm 48 never been a boy racer, just want a reliable car so I can conduct my complicated lifestyle and carry on paying for the scum who don't work and go on holiday every year. ANGRY? FED UP? you bet I am!
I'll never make retirement at this rate. Just wish a little sunshine would breakthrough my constant stormclouds.
Sorry to whoever reads this but I am losing the will to go on. The Samaritans were shut when I tried to see them that is gospel truth! Anyone who takes pity on me please explain in simple terms as I am degree educated sadly not in anything to do with cars. If nothing else and you think you are having a bad day this post should at least put a smile on your face. I don't hold it against anyone just deperate that's all.

Take care you guys...
i would remove and clean the egr valve, this will cost no more than a can of carb cleaner and may improve the situation.

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