I have an MK6 Fiesta with the standard headunit. I don't want to change it and I like the look and current layout of everything. I do however want to be able connect my iPhone to it and play music from it.

Is this possible? If so, what do I need?

I'm not fussed about be able to control or view playlists and songs on the HU as I normally just listen to long podcasts or set my music to shuffle anyway.

ALSO - another question:

Will this CD pllayer fit and function in my car: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CD-PLAYER-6000-SINGLE-CD-TRANSIT-FIESTA-FOCUS-CODE-/290586324891?pt=UK_Audio_TV_Electronics_In_Car_Entertainment_GPS_In_Car_Audio_Players_PP&hash=item43a84b6f9b

My car is a 55' plate - PRE-Facelift. So it currently has this one: http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/m/mNz26lTOls0l0r9Q0QcpYwQ/140.jpg

Thus, I could buy this: http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_mk6__audio_adaptor_kit_352.htm - and connect my iPhone

Thanks in advance