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Full Version: My First Please!
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I've just bought my first car,a focus deisel 1800 (2000) I've (my dad and I) changed the engine oil and filter and have some
What gear box oil do I use for top up,must it be Ford?
The blower is running constantly,how do we get at the switch?
Thanks very much in advance for any answers.

If you have any tips concerning this model I'd be more than grateful.......Thank you.
There is no drain plug on the ib5 gearbox and the drive shaft needs to be removed, but I'm not sure if the 1.8 is uses ib5 or mtx75. The blower motor acting up could be a faulty resistor pack. I've attached some pics from a 'how to' guide.

[quote]Here is a quick quide on how to change a resistor pack - for rectifying the annoying fan/heater issue, of it only working on speed 4.

This works on Mk1/Mk1.5 - Im not sure on the Mk2.

First thing - Do you find that your fan is working on setting 4, but does nothing on settings 1,2,3? If so, your resistor pack could be at fault, and is simple and cheap to repair.

Step 1 - Order a new Resistor pack from ford - Part No 1311115, priced at 9.95+VAT = (11.69).

Step 2 - Empty your glove box, and drop.
In the pic below, you will see a bar to the left that locks in to the face of the glove box (see red box). Unclip this, then push in the side walls of the glove box to release it the rubber stoppers (see green box), this will allow the glove box to be dropped fully.
NOTE - My Mk1 doesnt have the bar (red box), where my Mk1.5 does. [/quote]

[quote]If you look in the space to the rear right, you will see the resistor pack (the blue rectangle thing at the back).[/quote]
[quote]Step 3 - Release the cable clip, and undo the screw at the bottom (just below the cable clip) I had to use a long handled screw driver. Make sure you dont drop the screw.

Step 4 - Take your new resistor pack, connect the wires and screw back in place

New Resistor Pack - Front [/quote]
[quote]New Resistor Pack - Back [/quote]
[quote]New Pack fitted [/quote]
[quote]Step 5 - Test your heater/fan control speed dial.

Thats it - It took me no more than 5 mins to do. [/quote]
H3lly,many thanks for such a quick reply and such a comprehensive guide on the fan issue!
Glad I could help out a fellow focus owner :thumbs:.
[quote name='H3lly' timestamp='1311150664' post='136667']
Glad I could help out a fellow focus owner :thumbs:.

its the ib5 gearbox and yes the driveshafts have to be removed to drain but there is a top up hole youll need the car up on ramps its at the firewall side of the box and ide only replace with the ford stuff just because thats whats already in and its better than mixing different oils
I believe ford changed the grade of oil at some point? so new stuff from ford may actually be different to whats in it just now.
Thanks all........................Gearbox oil was at the correct level.
Next job is drivers side electric window motor,it's really struggling and sometimes fails alltogether,however a sharp tap with a screwdriver
brings it back to life,is it a big job to change and would a salvaged one do the trick or should I go for new? Thank You.

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