I have a 2008 1.4 Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate TDCI.
Bought car a month ago with no cooling fan,appears to have been removed for some reason and previous owner maintains he bought car two years ago from dealer with no fan and has had no problems with overheating.Done around 1000 miles so far and no problems,temp sits half way on guage and even sitting in traffic does not appear to overheat. However I picked up a fan on ebay and am going to fit one just in case! Problem is how do I test to see if it's kicking in as engine does not overheat? Tested fan itself on battery,working ok! Plugged in to wiring harness and removed wiring from temp sensor to see if it would kick in,nothing! Turned on AC switch (not blowing cold though,possibly needs re-gas),cooling fan still does not come on. Could drain some coolent and overheat engine and see if that will make fan come on but would rather not.Is there any way I can get fan to kick in without overheating the engine so I know its working? Any helpmuch appreciated,cheers,John.