Hopefully somebody here has had the following issue with the stereos what I'm having and can help. Basically driving back from Windsor yesterday to Birmingham and all of a sudden my Bluetooth and USB don't respond this was after I had stopped off at the petrol pump on the way. Everything else works - SatNav / Radio / CD/MP3 Traffic but just not these 2 issues. Once I got home plugged my USB into my computer and the songs that I had on there was still there.

Everytime I click on CD/Aux to switch from the CD to the 'other devices' the display shows AUX - normally there is an option that says 'devices' and you can choose from 3 which device you want to play but even that does not come up

Everytime I click on phone it goes to "MUTE" nothing and again no other option on the display to try and connect my phone (which was previously connected).